The Mathematical Education of Teachers II

The Mathematical Education of Teachers II  may be purchased from the AMS Bookstore.  The book is volume 17 in the CBMS series "Issues in Mathematics Education," published for CBMS by the AMS in cooperation with the MAA.  (The original MET book published in 2001 is still available here.)

Suggested citation for referencing this book in other publications:

Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (2012).
The Mathematical Education of Teachers II. Providence RI and Washington DC:
American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America.

The full text of the book is also available on-line below and may be downloaded in pdf format.

The complete book (86+xiv pages)

            The Mathematical Education of Teachers II
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Parts of the book

Front Matter and Preface

Chapter 1. School Mathematics and Teachers' Mathematics
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Chapter 2. The Mathematical Education of Teachers: Traditions, Research, Current Context
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Chapter 3. Recommendations: Mathematics for Teachers; Roles for Mathematicians
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Chapter 4. Elementary Teachers
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Chapter 5. Middle Grades Teachers
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Chapter 6. High School Teachers
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Appendix A. Selected References and Information Sources

Appendix B. The Common Core State Standards: Overview of Content

Appendix C. The Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice