National Summit on the Mathematical Education of Teachers:
Meeting the Demand for High Quality Mathematics Education in America

November 2 and 3, 2001, Tysons Corner Doubletree Hotel, Tysons Corner VA

Working Group Sessions - Schedule and Assignments

Working Group Sessions Schedule

Each session is identified by a number and a letter. The numbers identify each of the 19 different presentations. The letters identify the time each session will be held.


A Sessions

B Sessions

C Sessions


3:45-5:15pm Fri

10:00-11:30am Sat

1:30-3:00pm Sat

1A 1C

Boardroom 3


Boardroom 3

2B 2C


Boardroom 4

Boardroom 4

3A 3C

Heaton & Lewis
Boardroom 2


Heaton & Lewis
Boardroom 2

4A 4C

Ball & Bass
Tysons I


Ball & Bass
Tysons I

5A 5B

Beem & Papick
Boardroom 5

Beem & Papick
Boardroom 5


6B 6C


Enneking & Burton
Boardroom 6

Enneking & Burton
Boardroom 6

7A 7B 7C

Boardroom 8

Boardroom 8

Boardroom 8

8A 8B

Civil & Stevenson
Tysons II

Civil & Stevenson
Tysons II


9B 9C


Feldman & Norton
Rest. Pvt. Dining Room

Feldman & Norton
Boardroom 5

10A 10B

Franklin & Gould
Boardroom 6

Franklin & Gould
Tysons I


11A 11C

Boardroom 4


Rest. Pvt. Dining Room



Boardroom 2


13A 13C

Fisher & Owens
Boardroom 1


Fisher & Owens
Boardroom 1



Hull & Pace
Boardroom 1





Tysons II

16A 16B 16C

Fey, Berg, Heid, & Moody
Salon A

Fey, Berg, Heid, & Moody
Salon A

Fey, Berg, Heid, & Moody
Salon A

17B 17C


Boardroom 7

Boardroom 7

18A 18B

Boardroom 7

Boardroom 3



Wu & Burmester
Rest. Pvt. Dining Room



Participant Working Group Assignments

Participants, please note that the assignments next to your name are not listed in chronological order, but in order of your stated preference (if you sent in a preference). You should have one A session, one B session and one C session listed next to your name. Because of limited space, we request that you please attend your assigned sessions at the scheduled times.

Abdallah 14B 13C 16A

Adeboye 18B 3C 4A

Allen 8A 13C 14B

Allman 16C 18B 10A

Anderson 16C 4A 7B

Askey 16A 1C 18B

Austin 5A 6B 4C

Baldridge 19A 1C 18B

Baldwin 16B 3A 1C

Banes 15C 1A 9B

Banks 5A 8B 7C

Barnard 7B 1C 4A

Beals 14B 8A 16C

Bellisio 4A 2B 16C

Berenson 18A 16C 14B

Bergeron 11C 17B 3A

Bezuk 4A 15C 14B

Bleicher 11A 12B 17C

Bloom 18B 7A 17C

Brandon 1A 15C 2B

Breyfogle 4C 7B 16A

Buckner 12B 1A 3C

Burrill 7B 3A 9C

Cant 12B 11C 18A

Case 10A 9C 14B

Chabot 16A 7B 17C

Channell 3C 5A 7B

Childers 9C 10B 5A

Chinn 2C 18B 16A

Cohen 17B 3A 11C

Coleman 11A 6B 13C

Collins 4C 1A 12B

Comar 15C 3A 17B

Connor 7C 8B 16A

Cook 16A 17C 18B

Covington 15C 9B 1A

Crocker 7A 8B 17C

Crown 5B 7C 16A

Cummings 1A 2B 3C

Daepp 7A 17C 16B

Dance 16A 7B 11C

Davis 8A 10B 13C

Dempsey 7B 5A 13C

Doerr 4C 5B 16A

Driggs 13A 14B 11C

Edler 8B 19A 3C

El-Hindi 2B 4C 1A

Ellington 16A 10B 7C

Elwin 18A 16C 12B

Epperson 16C 17B 8A

Ericsen 16B 2C 11A

Evans, B 17B 16C 18A

Evans, R 4C 7A 16B

Exner 7A 16B 4C

Fisher 5B 6C 8A

Foster 1A 9B 11C

Fox, J 18A 17B 9C

Fox, L 1A 16B 4C

Fricke 1C 16B 4A

Frohne 15C 3A 17B

Gardner 13A 15C 5B

Gober 7C 16B 5A

Gold 5B 18A 9C

Goodwin 7C 10A 14B

Grabner 6C 5A 16B

Grant 4A 16B 17C

Grover 7C 8A 10B

Gulick 10B 18A 16C

Halcrow 16A 7B 17C

Hammontree 11A 2C 12B

Harms 16C 18B 5A

Harris-Hardland 11C 12B 19A

Heck 7C 14B 16A

Heinz 13A 6B 11C

Herzig 4A 16B 9C

Hollebrands 17C 5A 16B

Howard 7A 16C 17B

Hughes 4A 3C 18B

Hutton 1A 6C 12B

Iiams 1C 2B 3A

Jamski 7A 16B 9C

Jankowski 15C 3A 17B

Jimenez-Zeljak 4C 16B 13A

Johnson 1A 3C 2B

Jones 11C 5A 6B

Keynes 16A 18B 13C

Kirkpatrick 4A 9B 15C

Klein, K 1A 15C 2B

Klein, T 7A 8B 16C

Koswatha 19A 7B 17C

Kralovec 2B 4C 16A

Kreminski 7A 16B 17C

Kribs-Zaleta 6C 5B 4A

Lafferty 5A 12B 9C

Lambdin 7C 5B 19A

Lang 7C 8B 10A

Latimer 3A 9C 12B

Laurie 16C 7B 3A

Lawrence 8A 6B 13C

Lee, T-Y 8A 17B 1C

Lee, K 4C 7A 9B

Lee, M A 2C 19A 16B

Leibfritz 1C 4A 2B

Lesley 8A 10B 16C

Li 4C 19A 16B

Liebars 1C 4A 7B

Lin 19A 7C 16B

Linde 7C 8A 5B

Lindquist 1A 2B 15C

Liu 7C 10A 17B

Long 3A 4C 14B

Mahaney 4A 5B 17C

Mahoney 7B 10A 9C

Mai 4C 14B 13A

Maki 4A 7B 16C

Marks 2B 4C 16A

Marquesan 13A 14B 6C

Mast 13A 16B 17C

Masterson 11A 12B 13C

Mathis 17C 18B 16A

Matulis 8A 6B 13C

McGuire 13A 5B 6C

McLaren 1A 2B 3C

McNicholas 12B 2C 3A

Miller 7A 13C 5B

Millspaugh 7B 15C 19A

Miltner 2B 4C 1A

Miriti 4A 1C 9B

Moldavan 10A 15C 17B

Morstad 7C 10B 18A

Moss 3C 7B 13A

Murphy 18B 7A 17C

ndunda 4C 16B 13A

Noel 16C 18A 10B

Noguera 4C 6B 13A

Normandia 1C 3A 8B

Norwood 1A 11C 16B

Oliver 5A 7C 6B

Poole 1C 4A 16B

Prejean 2C 9B 11A

Proffitt 7B 4A 1C

Raphael 9B 2C 3A

Rasmussen 16A 18B 2C

Redwine 11A 17B 16C

Reynolds 4A 15C 16B

Richards 16C 18A 10B

Ridener 18A 1C 12B

Rogers 7C 10A 14B

Ryan 4C 5B 3A

Sabrio 16B 4C 1A

Sabutis 3C 4A 2B

Salazar 13A 12B 15C

Samek 1A 16B 17C

Sandow 1C 2B 4A

Sarhangi 5B 7A 2C

Saxon 3C 11A 6B

Schielack 7B 16C 18A

Schroeder 7C 10B 18A

Schultz 18B 4A 6C

Schwarz 7A 8B 16C

Shealy 13C 7B 1A

Shipman 4C 9B 11A

Singer 1A 7B 17C

Sisson 7C 8B 18A

Sorto 13A 12B 15C

Soto-Johnson 13C 8A 5B

St.Andre 11A 3C 9B

St.John 16A 5B 6C

Staebler 8B 18A 9C

Stefanou 1A 5B 2C

Stewart 1C 17B 4A

Stohl 9C 18A 10B

Summers 7A 6C 8B

Sun 5A 6C 16B

Tapia 10A 16C 18B

Thomas 1C 6B 5A

Turbeville 11A 12B 17C

Turner 8A 6B 15C

Van Dyke 7A 17B 16C

Vekovius 10A 14B 16C

Wagreich 1C 16A 14B

Walker 4A 18B 1C

Walter 4C 16B 18A

Wang-Iverson 2C 6B 16A

Washington 16C 19A 18B

Watanabe 2C 6B 18A

Weglarz 18B 16C 10A

Weinberg 9C 11A 16B

Werner 16A 3C 9B

White 16B 10A 7C

Wilkinson 16A 6C 12B

Willis 4A 17B 16A

Wilson 6B 13A 15C

Wismer 5B 16A 17C

Woodward 1C 12B 16A

Wu 18B 19A 11C

Zankofski 9B 1C 11A

Zerangue 16C 6B 5A

Zimmerman 7B 5A 9C