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National Summit on the Mathematical Education of Teachers:
Meeting the Demand for High Quality Mathematics Education in America

Working Group Sessions  - Written Versions 

(An asterisk * indicates that the written version is not yet available)




Judith Sowder

The Role of Understanding Children's Thinking in Convincing Teachers that They Must Develop a Profound Understanding of the Mathematics They Teach

Deborah Schifter

Developing Mathematical Ideas: A Resource for Teaching Mathematics


Ruth Heaton
James Lewis

Strengthening the Mathematics Education of Elementary School Teachers: A Partnership between the Teachers College and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Deborah Ball
Hyman Bass

Teaching, Learning, and Learning to Teach in Elementary Mathematics Methods


Ira Papick
John Beem

Middle School Mathematics Teacher Development Program

Marjorie Enneking
Laurie Burton

Preparing Middle Level Mathematics Teachers - A Collaboration of Three Universities

Zalman Usiskin

Teachers' Mathematics: A Collection of Mathematics Deserving To Be a Field

Fred Stevenson
Marta Civil

Raising Arizona: Improving Teacher Preparation through the "Four R's"--Recruitment of Students, Retention of Teachers, Reform of Curriculum, and Reward for Faculty

Larry Feldman  
Robert (Mick) Norton

Teaching Statistics to Future K-8 Teachers


Christine Franklin
Robert Gould

Teaching Statistics to Future High School Teachers


Mercedes McGowen

Changing Pre-service Students' Beliefs about Mathematics and What it Means to Learn Mathematics: A Two-year College's Program to Improve the Mathematics Experiences of Future Teachers


Jean Houck

A Community College/University Partnership to Prepare Elementary Teachers Who Have Deep Content Knowledge in Mathematics


Margaret Owens
Bill Fisher

Getting Connected with K-12 Teachers

No Picture


Deborah Pace
Susan Hull

The Texas Experience:  Collaborative Pathways to Reform


Donna Little-Kuamo

Building Effective Teachers of Mathematics Creates Success for Children


James Fey
Kenneth Berg
M. Katherine Heid  
William Moody

Courses that Develop Deep Understanding for Teaching Mathematics


Daniel Goroff

Studying Lessons Together: Practical Processes that Improve College and School Mathematics Teaching


Joan Ferrini-Mundy

Preparing for the Teaching of Algebra in Secondary Schools: Challenges and Promising Directions


Hung-Hsi Wu
Mary Burmester

Some Lessons Learned in California