The Benjamin Banneker Association seeks proposals and reviewers for its upcoming publication of “The Lighthouse Almanac.” The focus of the publication is social justice in mathematics. The Call for Proposals and Call for Reviewers are below. 2018 Call for Proposals Call for Reviewers
The U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported that 52% of students who enter college intending to major in mathematics switch to another major. That needs to be balanced with the fact that many more students switch into a mathematics major. In fact, over the past couple decades, the number of...
AWM has sent out a press release honoring Magnhild Lien who has served as Executive Director from 2012 to 2018.
The CBMS Council met at the MAA Carriage House on Thursday, December 7, 2017.
The American Council on Education has summarized the effects of changes to the tax code that will affect institutions of higher education, their graduate students, and their employees, click HERE for the summary page.
Three of the CBMS member societies, AMS, ASA, and SIAM, have signed onto a letter expressing concern about provisions in the House tax bill that will increase the financial burden for graduate students by repealing existing provisions in tax law.
NSF has announced funding for at least six CBMS Regional Conferences.
Following the publication of “Political Conocimiento for Teaching Mathematics” by Rochelle Gutierrez in the AMTE publication Building Support for Scholarly Practices in Mathematics Methods and the position statement taken by NCSM and TODOS, these societies have come under attack for what is interpreted as the politicization of mathematics instruction. See below for links to the...
The 2015 CBMS Survey reveals that over the past decade, we have lost 2000 tenure lines while increasing the number of full-time contract faculty by over 3000.
Ken Ribet, AMS President, has posted a personal statement on the DACA announcement at
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