AWM reaffirms its commitment to colleagues across the world

In light of the recent United States Supreme Court decision to uphold the current administration’s travel ban, the Association for Women in Mathematics reaffirms its commitment to supporting our colleagues across the world.

Mathematics in the U.S. has flourished because of numerous contacts and collaborations with colleagues around the world. AWM members at all career stages have benefited greatly from these interactions, both here as well as in other countries. Many mathematicians have immigrated to the U.S. and made this country their home; we have enthusiastically welcomed them over many decades.

The AWM is committed to sustaining an international mathematics community and we affirm the importance of policies that ensure open scientific borders. We encourage all mathematicians to support our international students and colleagues, and we oppose travel and visa policies that make it difficult for mathematicians from abroad to attend conferences, pursue collaborations and study in the United States.

Ami Radunskaya

President, Association for Women in Mathematics

July 1, 2018