The Dana Center announces its Launch Years Project.

The Charles A. Dana Center has just announced its new Launch Years Project,

The Dana Center’s Launch Years initiative seeks to usher in a new paradigm to support students, specifically focusing on the transition from junior year of high school through their junior year in college. It is this timeframe that’s critical in supporting students for college preparation and guiding them through pathways for degree attainment.

The Dana Center’s Launch Years initiative is backed by a $6.68 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and includes work with partners from Education Strategy Group, Achieve, and Community College Research Center (CCRC).

This multi-year strategy focuses on the ground in several states to assess the high school math curriculum students encounter every day in the classroom. It also seeks to bring institutions together at a regional level to ensure students have clear paths for success. From these learnings, open access resources will be developed and made available to schools and districts in all states to support students better.