Videos from the recent MoMath Gala “Real and Rational”

MoMath has just released, publicly and at no charge, the videos from its recent gala, “Real and Rational.”

The Museum decided to take a different approach to its gala than many other organizations.  Rather than pre-recording an event to share, we wanted to create an opportunity for meaningful human connection and interaction, which to me is really the essence of any in-person gathering anyway.  With that in mind, we ran our gala totally live, featuring an insight-rich dialogue with:
  • Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO of Google and current leader of New York State’s 16-member Blue Ribbon Commission studying the pandemic;
  • Julie Gerberding, former director of the CDC and the first woman to hold that position; head of vaccine division at Merck before rising to Executive Vice President: and
  • Nate Silver, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of FiveThirtyEight and a statistician specializing in election analysis
These conversations, hosted by Fields Medalist and Princeton University Professor Dr. Manjul Bhargava, were widely enjoyed; one person commented that the dialogues with Eric and Julie constituted “the best discussion of the pandemic that I have seen anywhere, at any time, from any source.”   Videos of the discussions can be viewed at and I hope you will enjoy watching them.