2008 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in the Mathematical Sciences

Imaging in Random Media

George Papanicolaou, lecturer
May 12-16, at Rice University
Liliana Borcea, Danny C. Sorensen and William W. Symes, organizers
713-348-5723, borcea@caam.rice.edu
713-348-5193, sorensen@caam.rice.edu
713-348-5997, symes@caam.rice.edu

Water Waves - Theory and Experiment

Harvey Segur, lecturer
May 13-18, at Howard University
Mohammad F. Mahmood, organizer
202-806-6295, mmahmood@howard.edu

Inverse Scattering for Radar Imaging

Margaret Cheney, lecturer
May 27-31, at the University of Texas at Arlington
Tuncay Aktosun, organizer
817-272-1545, aktosun@uta.edu

Convex Duality Method in Mathematical Finance

Marco Frittelli, lecturer
June 22-27, at the University of California, Santa Barbara
Jean-Pierre Fouque, Guillaume Bonnet, and Raya Feldman, organizers
805-893-5637, fouque@pstat.ucsb.edu
805-893-4188, bonnet@pstat.uscb.edu
805-893-2826 feldman@pstat.uscb.edu

Ergodic Ramsey Theory: A Dynamical Approach to Static Theorems

Vitaly Bergelson, lecturer
June 22-28, at Eastern Illinois University
Patrick R. Coulton, organizer
217-581-6276, prcoulton@eiu.edu

Knots and Topological Quantum Computing

Zhenghan Wang, lecturer
Ara Basmajian (Short Course on Knots)
July 9-13, at the University of Central Oklahoma
Charlotte Simmons and Jesse Byrne, organizers
405-974-5294, cksimmons@ucok.edu
405-974-5575, jbyrne@ucok.edu

Malliavin Calculus and its Applications

David Nualart, lecturer
August 7-12, at Kent State University
Oana Mocioalca and Kazim M. Khan, organizers
330-672-9083, oana@math.kent.edu
330-672-9110, kazim@math.kent.edu

Tropical Geometry and Mirror Symmetry

Mark Gross, lecturer
December 13-17, at Kansas State University
Ricardo Castano-Bernard, Yan Soibelman, and Ilia Zharkov, organizers
785-532-0585, rcastano@math.ksu.edu
785-532-0584, soibel@math.ksu.edu
617-495-8797, zharkov@math.harvard.edu