2009 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in the Mathematical Sciences

Topology, C*-Algebras, and String Duality

Jonathan Rosenberg, lecturer
May 18-22, at Texas Christian University
Greg Friedman and Robert Doran, organizers
817-257-6343, g.friedman@tcu.edu
817-257-7335, r.doran@tcu.edu

Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Rolf Rannacher, lecturer
May 18-22, at Texas A&M University
Guido Kanschat and Wolfgang Bangerth, organizers
979-845-7632, kanschat@tamu.edu
979-845-6393, bangerth@math.tamu.edu

Families of Riemann Surfaces and Weil-Petersson Geometry

Scott A. Wolpert, lecturer
July 20-24, at Central Connecticut State University
Jeffrey K. McGowan and Eran Makover, organizers
860-832-2850, jmcgowan@mac.com
860-832-2843, makovere@ccsu.edu

Algebraic Topology in Applied Mathematics

Robert Ghrist, lecturer
August 3-7, at Cleveland State University
Peter Bubenik and John Oprea, organizers
216-687-4688, p.bubenik@csuohio.edu
216-687-4702, j.oprea@csuohio.edu