2010 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in the Mathematical Sciences

The Mathematics of Diffusions

May 17-21 at Tulane University
Wei-Ming Ni, lecturer
Xuefeng Wang, organizer
504-862-3451, xdw@math.tulane.edu
504-865-5727 (Math Dept)

Nonlinear Water Waves with Applications to Wave-Current Interactions and Tsunamis

May 17-21 at the University of Texas-Pan American
Adrian Constantin, lecturer
Lokenath Debnath and Andras Balogh, organizers
956-381-3459, debnathl@utpa.edu
956-381-2119, abalogh@utpa.edu

Quiver Varieties and Crystal Bases of Quantum Affine Algebras

May 25-29, 2010 at North Carlolina State University
Hiraku Nakajima, lecturer
Naihuan Jing, organizer
919-513-3584, jing@unity.ncsu.edu

The Mutually Beneficial Relationship of Matrices and Graphs

July 12-16 at Iowa State University
Richard Brualdi, lecturer
Leslie Hogben and Bryan L. Shader, organizers
515-451-1505, lhogben@iastate.edu
307-766-6826, bshader@uwyo.edu

Recent Advances in the Numerical Approximation of
Stochastic Partial Differential Equations

August 9-13 at the Illinois Institute of Technology
Peter E. Kloeden, lecturer
Jinqiao Duan, Igor Cialenco, and Fred J. Hickernell, organizers
312-567-5335, duan@iit.edu
312-567-3131, igor@math.iit.edu
312-567-8983, fred@math.iit.edu

Bayesian Nonparametric Statistical Methods: Theory and Applications

August 16-20 at the University of California, Santa Cruz
Peter Müller, lecturer
Abel Rodriguez and Athanasios Kottas, organizers
831-459-5278, abel@ams.ucsc.edu
831-459-5536, thanos@ams.ucsc.edu