2012 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in the Mathematical Sciences

Topological and Algebraic Regularity Properties of Nuclear C*-Algebras

Wilhelm Winter, lecturer
May 11-15 at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Gary Birkenmeier, Nathanial Brown, Daniel G. Davis,
Thierry Giordano, Ping Wong Ng, and Leonel Robert, organizers
337-482-6545, gfb1127@louisiana.edu
814-863-9095, nbrown@math.psu.edu
337-482-5943, dgdavis@louisiana.edu
613-562-5864. giordano@uOttawa.ca
337-482-5272, png@louisiana.edu
337-482-6772, lrobert@louisiana.edu

Mathematical Methods of Computed Tomography

Peter Kuchment, lecturer
May 29-June 2 at the University of Texas at Arlington
Tuncay Aktosun and Gaik Ambartsoumian,organizers
817-272-1545, aktosun@uta.edu
817-272-3384, gambarts@uta.edu

Small Deviation Probabilities: Theory and Applications

Wenbo V. Li, lecturer
June 4-8 at the University of Alabama in Huntsville
Dongsheng Wu, Kyle Siegrist, organizers
256-824-6676, dongsheng.wu@uah.edu
256-824-6486, siegrist@math.uah.edu

Finite Element Exterior Calculus

Douglas N. Arnold, lecturer
June 11-15 at Brown University
Alan Demlow, Johnny Guzman, and Dmitriy Leykekhman, organizers
859-257-6797, alan.demlow@uky.edu
401-863-6360, Johnny_Guzman@brown.edu
860-405-9294 leykekhman@math.uconn.edu

Hodge Theory, Complex Geometry, and Representation Theory

Phillip A. Griffiths, lecturer
June 18-22 at Texas Christian University
Greg Friedman, Robert S. Doran, Scott Nollet, organizers
817-257-6343, g.friedman@tcu.edu
817-257-7335, r.doran@tcu.edu
817-257-6339, s.nollet@tcu.edu

Unitary Representations of Reductive Groups

David Vogan, lecturer
July 16-20 at the University of Massachusetts Boston
Alfred Noel, organizer
617-287-6458, alfred.noel@umb.edu

Model Uncertainty and Multiplicity

James O. Berger, lecturer
July 23-27 at the University of California Santa Cruz
Bruno Sanso, Abel Rodriguez, and Yuefeng Wu, organizers
831-459-1484, bruno@ams.ucsc.edu
831-459-5278, abel@soe.ucsc.edu
831-459-5311, yuefeng@soe.ucsc.edu

Statistical Climatology

Douglas W. Nychka, lecturer
August 6-10 at the University of Washington
Peter Guttorp, organizer
206-543-6774, peter@stat.washington.edu

The Mathematics of the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Donald G. Saari, lecturer
August 13-17 at West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Michael Fisher, organizer
610-430-4196, mfisher@wcupa.edu