2013 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in the Mathematical Sciences

Solitons in Two-Dimensional Water Waves and Applications to Tsunami

Yuji Kodama, lecturer
May 20-24 at the University of Texas - Pan American
Kenichi Maruno and Virgil Pierce, organizers
956-665-3536, kmaruno@utpa.edu
956-665-3535, piercevu@utpa.edu

The Global Behavior of Solutions to Critical Nonlinear Wave Equations

Carlos Kenig, lecturer
June 17-21 at Kansas State University
Virginia Naibo and Diego Maldonado, organizers
785-532-0554, vnaibo@math.ksu.edu
785-532-0581, dmaldona@math.ksu.edu

Uncertainty Principles in Harmonic Analysis: Gap and Type Problems

Alexei Poltoratski, lecturer
August 12-16 at Clemson University
Mishko Mitkovski, Constanze Liaw, and Brett Wick, organizers
864-656-0411, mmitkov@clemson.edu
254-710-3859, Constanze_Liaw@baylor.edu
404-894-4311, wick@math.gatech.edu

Analysis of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations

Davar Khoshnevisan, lecturer
August 19-23 at Michigan State University
Yimin Xiao and V. S. Mandrekar, organizers
517-432-5411, xiao@stt.msu.edu
517-353-7172, mandrekar@stt.msu.edu