2014 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in the Mathematical Sciences

Combinatorial Zeta and L-Functions

Wen-Ching Winnie Li, lecurer
May 12-16 at the Sundance Resort, Utah
Jasbir S. Chahal and Michael D. Barrus, organizers
801-422-2271, jasbir@math.byu.edu
801-422-2336, barrus@math.byu.edu

Inverse Scattering and Transmission Eigenvalues

David Colton, lecturer
May 27-31 at the University of Texas at Arlington
Tuncay Aktosun, organizer
817-272-1545, aktosun@uta.edu

Mathematical Foundations of Transformation Optics

Allan Greenleaf, lecturer
June 10-15 at Howard University
M. F. Mahmood and Anjan Biswas, organizers
202-806-6295, mmahmood@howard.edu, abiswah@desu.edu

Quantum Spin Systems

Bruno Nachtergaele, lecturer
June 16-20 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham
Shannon Starr, Paul H. Jung, and Gunter Stolz, organizers
205-934-8577, slstarr@uab.edu
205-934-5266, pjung@uab.edu
205-934-2154, stolz@uab.edu

Fast Direct Solvers for Elliptic PDEs

Gunnar Martinsson, lecturer
June 23-27 at Dartmouth College
Alex H. Barnett, Min Hyung Cho, Adrianna Gillman,
and Leslie F. Greengard, organizers
603-646-3178, ahb@math.dartmouth.edu
603-646-9847, Min.H.Cho@dartmouth.edu
603-646-2293, adrianna.gillman@dartmouth.edu
212-998-3306, greengard@courant.nyu.edu

Mathematical Phylogeny Conference

Mike Steel, lecturer
June 28-July 2 at Winthrop University
Joe Rusinko and Trent Kull, organizers
803-323-4643, rusinkoj@winthrop.edu
803-323-2211, kullt@winthrop.edu

Higher Representation Theory

Raphael Rouquier, lecturer
July 6-10 at North Carolina State University
Naihuan Jing, organizer
919-513-3584, jing@unity.ncsu.edu

Problems of PDEs Related to Fluids

Peter Constantin, lecturer
July 21-25 at Oklahoma State University
Jiahong Wu, organizer
405-744-5788, jiahong@math.okstate.edu