Action Plans of the Working Groups

Learning Processes Groups L1 to L5

Group L1 Action Plans (Word Version)
National Center for Learning Disabilities
The California Algebra Forum Leadership Team
CYBERCHASE, Thirteen/WNET New York
Department of Defense Education Activity
Sylvan Learning

Group L2 Action Plans (Word Version)
District of Columbia Public Schools
American Association for the Advancement of Science - DC Fame Program
Department of Mathematical Sciences, U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY
National Association of Mathematicians
Mathematics for ALL: Students At Promise for Success (VA)

Group L3 Action Plans (Word Version)
University of Mississippi, Institute for Innovation in Mathematics Education
South Carolina Department of Education Group
Maryland Math Team
Calvert County (MD) Public Schools
Office of the State (DC) Superintendent of Education - A

Group L4 Action Plans  (Word Version)
Arkansas Department of Education
Reasoning Mind - B
Texas A&M University
Texas Education Agency
Cincinnati (OH) Public Schools Math Curriculum Council

Group L5 Action Plans (Word Version)
K12, Inc.
College Board
U.S. Department of Education Teaching Ambassadors

Teachers and Teacher Education Groups T1 to T8

Group T1 Action Plans (Word Version)
Office of the State (DC) Superintendent of Education - B
National Council Supervisors of Mathematics
The Mid-Continent Comprehensive Center
National Institute of School Leadership
Vermont Mathematics Initiative

Group T2 Action Plans (Word Version)
American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
and National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs
Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators
Pearson - C
American Federation of Teachers
Mathematical Association of America

Group T3 Action Plans (Word Version)
Virginia STEM Teacher Education
The Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition
Prince William County (VA) Schools
University of Virginia
Virginia Beach (VA) Public Schools

Group T4 Action Plans (Word Version)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics A
American Mathematical Society
Union College (NE)
American Statistical Association
Association for Symbolic Logic
Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Pennsylvania Department of Education

Group T6 Action Plans (Word Version)
University of Colorado Denver
University of Maryland - Center for Mathematics Education
Michigan State University
Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts
Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics

Group T7 Action Plans (Word Version)
Peoria (AZ) Unified School District
Arizona Department of Education
San Francisco Unified School District
Nevada Department of Education
New Jersey Department of Education
Maryland State Team
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Group T8 Action Plans (Word Version)
Center on Instruction - Math Strand
Reasoning Mind - A
Benjamin Banneker Association
Colorado Charter School Institute
Carnegie Learning - B

Instructional Materials Group M

Group M Action Plans (Word Version)
Words & Numbers
Pearson - A
McGraw Hill
Kendall Hunt
Wisconsin Group
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - C
Brown Publishing Network

Standards of Evidence-Research Policies and Mechanisms Group R

Group R Action Plans (Word Version)
Carnegie Learning - A
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - B
Pearson B
Iowa Testing Programs