NSF announces funding for 2018 CBMS conferences

NSF has announced funding for at least six CBMS Regional Conferences. These include:

  • David Cox, Amherst, on Applications of Polynomial Systems, at Texas Christian University
  • Darren Crowdy, Imperial College, London, on The Solution of Problems in Multiply-Connected Domains at University of California, Irvine
  • Avner Friedman, Ohio State University, on Mathematical Biology: Modeling and Analysis at Howard University
  • Palle Jorgensen, University of Iowa, on Harmonic Analysis: Smooth and Non-Smooth at Iowa State University
  • Jozsef Solymosi, University of British Columbia, on Additive Combinatorics from a Geometric Viewpoint at University of South Carolina
  • Anuj Srivastava, Florida State University, on Elastic Functional and Shape Data Analysis at Ohio State University

Details at Current Conferences.