Past Conferences

Complete List of Monographs to Order:

Complete Listing of All NSF-CBMS Conferences 1969 through 2019

Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph Links
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Mathematical Molecular Bioscience and Biophysics Guowei Wei

College of Charleston Topological Methods in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Gunnar Carlsson

University of Mississippi L-functions and Multiplicative Number Theory Kannan Soundararajan

University of Memphis The Cahn-Hilliard Equation: Recent Advances and Applications Alain Miranville SIAM-95 (2019)

University of Texas, Austin Fitting Smooth Functions to Data Charles L. Fefferman 
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph Links
University of South Carolina

Additive Combinatorics from a Geometric Viewpoint

Jozsef Solymosi

Howard University

Mathematical Biology: Modeling and Analysis

Avner Friedman AMS-127 (2018)

Texas Christian University

Applications of Polynomial Systems

David Cox
Iowa State University

Harmonic Analysis: Smooth and Non-Smooth

Palle Jorgensen AMS-128 (2018)

University of California, Irvine

The Solution of Problems in Multiply-Connected Domains

Darren Crowdy
Ohio State University

Elastic Functional and Shape Data Analysis

Anuj Srivastava

Jackson State University

Computational Methods in Optimal Control

William Hager
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph Website
New Mexico State University Sparse Approximation and Signal Recovery Algorithms Anna C. Gilbert
Illinois Institute of Technology Nonlocal Dynamics – Theory, Computation and Applications Qiang Du SIAM-94 (2019)
 Macalester College Topological Data Analysis: Theory and Applications   Vin de Silva 
 Auburn University Tensors and Their Uses in Approximation Theory, Quantum Information Theory, and Geometry JM Landsberg  AMS-132 (2019) 
 Montana State University Topological and Geometric Methods in Quantum Field Theory   Dan Freed  AMS-133 (2019)
 University of California, Santa Cruz Bayesian Modeling for Spatial and Spatio-temporal Data   Alan E. Gelfand    IMS/ASA-10 
 Columbia University Dyson-Schwinger Equations, Topological Expansions and Random Matrices Alice Guionnet AMS-130 (2019) 
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph Website
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Discrete Painleve Equations Nalini Joshi AMS-131 (2019)
University of Texas at Austin Topological Data Analysis: Topology, Geometry, and Statistics Sayan Mukherjee
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph Website
University of Wyoming The Basic Homotopy Lemma, the Asymptotic Uniqueness
Theorem, and the Classification of C*-Algebras
Huaxin Lin  AMS-124 (2017) 
North Dakota State University Reflectionless Measures, Wolff’s Potentials, and
Fedor Nazarov
Kent State University Introduction to the Theory of Valuations on Convex
Semyon Alesker  AMS -126 (2018)  


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Brigham Young University Combinatorial Zeta and L-Functions Wen-Ching Winnie Li AMS-129 (2019)
University of Texas at Arlington Inverse Scattering and Transmission Eigenvalues David Colton SIAM – 88 (2016)
Howard University Mathematical Foundations of Transformation Optics Allan Greenleaf  
University of Alabama Birmingham Quantum Spin Systems Bruno Nachtergaele  
Dartmouth College Fast Direct Solvers for Elliptic PDEs Gunnar Martinsson SIAM-96 (2019)
Winthrop University Mathematical Phylogeny Conference Mike Steel SIAM-89 (2016)
North Carolina State University Higher Representation Theory Raphael Rouquier  
Oklahoma State University Problems of PDEs Related to Fluids Peter Constantin  SIAM-90 (2017)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Texas-Pan American Solitons in Two-Dimensional Water Waves and Applications to Tsuanmi Y. Kodama SIAM-92 (2018)
Kansas State University The Global Behavior of Solutions to Critical Nonlinear Wave Equations C. Kenig AMS – 122 (2015)
Clemson University Uncertainty Principles in Harmonic Analysis: Gap and Type Problems A. Poltoratski AMS – 121 (2015)
Michigan State University Analysis of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations D. Khoshnevisan AMS – 119 (2014)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Louisiana at Lafayette Topological and Algebraic Regularity Properties of Nuclear C*-Algebras Wilhelm Winter  
University of Texas at Arlington Mathematical Methods of Computed Tomography Peter Kuchment SIAM – 85 (2013)
University of Alabama in Huntsville Small Deviation Probabilities: Theory and Applications Wenbo V. Li  
Brown University Finite Element Exterior Calculus Douglas N. Arnold SIAM-93 (2018)
Texas Christian University Hodge Theory, Complex Geometry, and Representation Theory Phillip A. Griffiths AMS – 118 (2013)
University of Massachusetts Boston Unitary Representations of Reductive Groups David Vogan  
University of California Santa Cruz Model Uncertainty and Multiplicity James O. Berger  
University of Washington Statistical Climatology Douglas W. Nychka  
West Chester University of Pennsylvania The Mathematics of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Donald G. Saari SIAM – 91 (2018) 
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
North Carolina State University Deformation Theory of Algebras and Modules M. Markl AMS – 116 (2012)
Kent State University Ergodic Methods in the Theory of Fractals H. Furstenberg AMS – 120 (2014)
University of Kentucky Global Harmonic Analysis S. Zelditch  AMS-125 (2017)
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Radial Basis Functions: Mathematical Developments and Applications B. Fornberg and N. Flyer SIAM-87 (2015)
East Tennessee State University Mathematical Epidemiology with Applications C. Castillo-Chavez and F. Brauer SIAM – 84 (2013)
City University of New York 3-Manifolds, Artin Groups, and Cubical Geometry D. Wise AMS – 117 (2012)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Tulane University The Mathematics of Diffusions W-M. Ni SIAM – 82 (2011)
University of Texas-Pan American Nonlinear Water Waves With Applications to Wave-Current Interactions and Tsunamis A. Constantin SIAM – 81 (2011)
North Carolina State University Quiver Varieties and Crystal Bases of Quantum Affine Algebras H. Nakajima  
Iowa State University The Mutually Beneficial Relationship of Matrices and Grapha R. Brualdi AMS-115 (2011)
Illinois Institute of Technology Recent Advances in the Numerical Approximation of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations P. E. Kloeden SIAM – 83 (2012)
University of California, Santa Cruz Bayesian Nonparametric Statistical Methods: Theory and Applications P. Müller IMS/ASA – 9 (2012)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Texas Christian University Topology, C*-Algebras, and String Duality J. Rosenberg AMS-111 (2009)
Texas A&M University Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Partial Differential Equations R. Rannacher  
Central Connecticut State University Families of Riemann Surfaces and Weil-Petersson Geometry S. Wolpert AMS-113 (2010)
Cleveland State University Algebraic Topology in Applied Mathematics R. Ghrist  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Rice University Imaging in Random Media G. Papanicolaou  
Howard University Water Waves – Theory and Experiment H. Segur  
University of Texas at Arlington Inverse Scattering for Radar Imaging M. Cheney SIAM-79 (2009)
University of California, Santa Barbara Convex Duality Method in Mathematical Finance M. Frittelli  
Eastern Illinois University Ergodic Ramsey Theory: A Dynamical Approach to Static Theorems V. Bergelson  
University of Central Oklahoma Knots and Topological Quantum Computing Z. Wang AMS-112 (2010)
Kent State University Malliavin Calculus and its Applications D. Nualart AMS-110 (2009)
Kansas State University Tropical Geometry and Mirror Symmetry M. Gross AMS-114 (2011)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Iowa Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Elliptic Equations R. Glowinski SIAM – 86 (2015)
University of Texas at San Antonio Finite Morse Index Solutions and Related Topics E. N. Dancer  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Nevada Las Vegas Mathematical and Numerical Treatment of Fluid Flow and Transport in Porous Media Z.  Chen SIAM-77 (2007)
North Carolina State University Cluster Algebras and Applications A. Zelevinsky  
Kansas State University The Interplay between Convex Geometry and Harmonic Analysis A. Koldobsky AMS-108 (2008)
Kent State University Probabilistic and Combinatorial Approach in Analysis M. Rudelson  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Texas – Pan American New Perspectives for Boundary Value Problems and Their Asymptotics A. Fokas SIAM-78 (2008)
New Mexico State University Nonlinear Dispersive and Wave Equations T. Tao AMS-106 (2006)
San Francisco State University Algebraic and Topological Combinatorics of Ordered Sets A. Björner  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Iowa Graph Algebras: Operator Algebras We Can See I. Raeburn AMS-103 (2005)
Georgia Institute of Technology Wave Packets, Multilinear Operators, and Carleson Theorems C. Thiele AMS-105 (2006)
California State University San Marcos The Combinatorics of Large Sparse Graphs F. Chung Graham AMS- 107 (2006)
SUNY at Albany Non-Positive Curvature in Group Theory M. Bridson  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Memphis Expansion Methods in Combinatorics C. Borgs  
Wayne State University Free Boundary Problems in Partial Differential Equations and Applications D. Jerison  
Illinois Institute of Technology Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and their Applications J. Zabczyk  
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Web of Modularity K. Ono AMS-102 (2003)
University of Notre Dame Fully Nonlinear Equations in Geometry N. Trudinger  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of North Carolina Nonhomogenous Harmonic Analysis, Weights, and Applications in Complex Analysis and Operator Theory A. Volberg AMS-100 (2003)
Texas A&M University Solving Polynomial Equations B. Sturmfels AMS-97 (2002)
East Tennessee State University Structure and Decomposition of Graphs R. Thomas  
North Carolina A&T State University Mathematical Methods in Nonlinear Wave Propagation J. K. Shaw SIAM-76 (2004)
University of North Texas Geometric Graph Theory J. Pach  
Colorado School of Mines Numerical Methods in Forward and Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering P. Monk SIAM-80 (2010)
Eastern Illinois University The Dynamical Behavior of the Newtonian N-Body Problem D. Saari AMS-104 (2005)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
North Carolina State University at Raleigh Algebraic Combinatorics A. Lascoux AMS-99 (2003)
University of Washington Environmental Statistics R. L. Smith  
University of Central Florida Modular Elliptic Curves H. Darmon AMS-101 (2003)
Temple University New Horizons in Multiple Comparison Procedures Y. Hochberg  
University of Missouri at Columbia Equivalence of Dynamical Systems under Smooth Changes of Variables and Rigidity R. de la Llave  
University of Texas – Pan American Using Spectral Data to Solve Inverse Problems J. R. McLaughlin  
Louisiana State University Arrangements and Mathematical Physics A. Varchenko AMS-98 (2003)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Missouri at St. Louis Interactions of Harmonic Analysis, Statistical Estimation, and Data Compression D. Donoho  
Texas Tech University Superconvergence in Finite Element Methods L. Wahlbin  
Howard University Lectures on the Geometrical Study of Differential Equations N. Kamran AMS-96 (2002)
Mercer University The Existence and Non-existence of Periodic Orbits in Smooth Dynamical Systems K. M. Kuperberg  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Kentucky Combinatorial Optimization: Packing and Covering G. Cornuéjols SIAM-74 (2001)
University of Florida Generalized Linear Mixed Models and Related Topics C. McCulloch IMS/ASA-7 (2003)
University of Delaware Mathematical Analysis of Viscoelastic Flows M. Renardy SIAM-73 (2000)
Michigan Technological University Statistical Inference from Genetic Data on Pedigrees E. Thompson IMS/ASA-6 (2000)
University of Nebraska Mathematical Control Theory of Coupled Systems of Partial Differential Equations I. Lasiecka SIAM-75 (2002)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Central Florida Wavelet Analysis as a Tool for Computational and Harmonic Analysis R. Coifman  
University of North Texas – Denton Blocks of Finite Reductive Groups, Deligne-Lustig Varieties, and Complex Reflections Groups M. Broué  
Colorado State University at Fort Collins Lectures on Division Algebras D. Saltman AMS-94 (1999)
University of Minnesota Ergodic Theory, Groups, and Geometry R. Zimmer AMS-109 (2008)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Colorado School of Mines Numerical Analysis of Hamiltonian Differential Equations J. M. Sanz-Serna  
North Carolina State University Dynamic Systems in Structured Population Dynamics J. M. Cushing SIAM-71 (1998)
Georgia Institute of Technology Shock Wave Theory T. P. Liu SIAM-72 (2000)
University of Missouri at Columbia Longitudinal Data Analysis N. M. Laird IMS/ASA-8 (2004)
Florida Atlantic University The Monge-Ampere Equation: Applications to Geometry and Optimization L. Caffarelli  
University of Iowa Spectral Problems in Geometry and Arithmetic Peter Sarnak  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Texas Christian Univesity Euler Products and Eisenstein Series G. Shimura AMS-93 (1997)
Texas Tech University Advances in Inverse Spectral Geometry C. Gordan  
University of California at Davis Normal Surfaces and Decision Problems in 3-Manifolds J. H. Rubinstein  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of San Francisco Numerical Linear Algebra on Parallel Processors J. W. Demmel  
University of Missouri at Columbia Approximations Dynamics with Applications to Numerical Analysis G. R. Sell  
University of Kentucky Nondestructive Evaluation and Inverse Problems G. Uhlmann  
California State University at Bakersfield Probabilistic Aspects of Single Orbit Dynamics B. Weiss AMS-95 (2000)
North Dakota State University Tight Closure, Big Cohen-Macaulay Algebras and Uniform Artin-Rees Theorem C. Huneke AMS-88 (1996)
Michigan Technological University Probability, Algorithms, and Combinatorial Optimization J. M. Steele SIAM-69 (1997)
University of Colorado Index Theory, Coarse Geometry and Topology of Manifolds J. Roe AMS-90 (1996)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
New Mexico State University Analytic Gauge Theory C. H. Taubes AMS-89 (1996)
University of Tennesee at Knoxville Controlled Topology and the Characterizations of Manifolds S. C. Ferry  
California State University at Fresno Recent Advances in Spectral Graph Theory F. R. K. Chung AMS-92 (1997)
SUNY at Albany Complex Dynamics in Higher Dimensions J. E. Fornaess AMS-87 (1995)
University of Connecticut Bayesian Methods in Finite Population Sampling: Theory and Applications M. Ghosh  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of South Carolina Semiparametric Mixture Models: Theory and Methods with Applications in Empirical Bayes, Measurement Error, and Random Effects Models B. G. Lindsay IMS/ASA-5 (1995)
North Carolina State University Applications of the Representation Theory of Quantum Affine Lie Algebras to Lattice Models T. Miwa AMS-85 (1995)
University of California at Santa Cruz Compensated Compactness, Homogenization, and H-Measures L. C. Tartar  
University of Alaska at Fairbanks Equivariant Homotopy and Cohomology J. P. May AMS-91 (1996)
University of Oregon Classification of Amenable Subfactors and Related Topics S. T. Popa AMS-86 (1995)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Case Western Reserve University Turbulence of Nonlinear Waves V. Zakharov  
University of Louisville Hamiltonian Graphs R. Haggkvist  
George Mason University New Function Spaces and Geometric Analysis in Several Complex Variables S. G. Krantz AMS-81 (1993)
California State University at Fresno Number Theory and Dynamical Systems J. C. Lagarias  
University of North Dakota Uncertain Reasoning G. Shafer SIAM-67 (1996)
DePaul University Hopf Algebras and Their Actions on Rings S. Montgomery AMS-82 (1993)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Louisiana State University New Trends in Nonlinear Control Theory I. Kupka  
University of Missouri Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations C. E. Kenig AMS-83 (1994)
George Washington University Multigrid and Multilevel Adaptive Methods for Partial Differential Equations S. F. McCormick SIAM-62 (1992)
University of Colorado K-Homology and Index Theory P. F. Baum  
University of North Carolina Higher Order Asymptotics with Applications to Statistical Inference J. K. Ghosh IMS/ASA-4 (1994)
Georgia State University Qualitative and Structured Matrix Theory C. R. Johnson  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
DePaul University Polynomial Identities and Invariants of n by n Matrices E. Formanek AMS-78 (1991)
University of Central Florida Nonlinear Dispersive Wave Systems T. B. Benjamin  
Kansas State University The Interface between Analytic Number Theory and Harmonic Analysis H. Montgomery AMS-84 (1994)
University of Lowell Wavelets I. Daubechies SIAM-61 (1992)
North Dakota State University Ergodic Theory and Combinatorial Number Theory H. Furstenberg  
Kent State University Curves and Surfaces: An Algorithmic Viewpoint C. A. Micchelli SIAM-65 (1994)
University of Alaska Random Number Generation and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods H. Niederreiter SIAM-63 (1992)
Texas Christian University Coordinates in Operator Algebra: Groupoids & Categories, their Representations and Applications P. Muhly  
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Oklahoma Discrete Groups, Expanding Graphs, and Invariant Measures A. Lubotsky  
University of California at Davis Function Estimation in the Context of Independent and Dependent Observations M. Rosenblatt IMS/ASA-3 (1991)
Auburn University Harmonic Analysis, Real Function Spaces and Related Areas G. Weiss AMS-79 (1991)
George Washington University Projection Pursuit and Related Computationally Intensive Techniques for Analyzing Multivariate Data J. Friedman  
University of Chicago Circuit Complexity M. Sipser  
Butler University Scientific Computation R. S. Varga SIAM-60 (1990)
University of Washington Algebraic Ideas in Ergodic Theory K. Schmidt AMS-76 (1990)
University of Hawaii Heat Equations in Geometry R. S. Hamilton  
University of Montana Singular Integral Operators F. M. Christ AMS-77 (1990)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Kentucky Mathematical Foundations of the Boundary Element Method W. Wendland  
United States Naval Academy Applications of Operator Algebras to Knot Theory and Mathematical Physics V. Jones AMS-80 (1991)
Northern Arizona University Arrangements of Hyperplanes P. Orlik AMS-72 (1989)
University of Iowa Empirical Processes, Theory and Applications D. Pollard IMS/ASA-2 (1990)
Loyola University of Chicago Weak Convergence Methods for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations L. C. Evans AMS-74 (1989)
Eastern Illinois Universty Kaehler Geormetry and Several Complex Variables Y. T. Siu  
George Mason University Nonlinear Wave Theory W. A. Strauss AMS-73 (1989)
University of Florida K-Theory and Dynamics F. T. Farrell AMS-75 (1990)
Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Brigham Young University Nonlinear Diffusive Waves and Applications P. Fife SIAM-53 (1988)
Washington University Gauge Theory K. Uhlenbeck  
University of Michigan Group Invariance Applications in Statistics M. L. Eaton IMS/ASA-1 (1989)
Colorado College Algorithms H. L. Wilf SIAM-55 (1989)
Texas Tech University Methods of Equavalence and Applications to Control Systems R. B. Gardner SIAM-58 (1989)
Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State University Group Actions on Manifolds S. Cappell  
Howard University Theory and Applications of Multivariate Splines C. Chui SIAM-54 (1988)
University of Cincinnati Fractal Geometry B. Mandelbrot  
University of New Mexico Kaluza-Klein Theory J. P. Bourguignon  


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Emory University Dynamic Optimization F. Clarke SIAM-57 (1989)
West Virginia University Mathematical Modeling in Energy and Environmental Sciences  R. Ewing  
North Carolina State University Stochastic Processes H. C. Tuckwell SIAM-56 (1989)
UCLA Deformation Spaces of Algebraic and Geometric Structures J. W. Morgan  
DePaul University Harmonic Analysis R. F. Gundy AMS-70 (1989)
Fort Lewis College Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics J. Spencer SIAM-52 (1987) SIAM-64 (1993)
Bowling Green State University Heirarchical and Empirical Bayesian Models and Methods A. F. M. Smith   
Ohio State University Mathematical Statistics G. Wahba SIAM-59 (1990)


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Alabama Applications of Combinatorics and Graph Theory to Computer Science C.L. Liu  
University of Alaska Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis E.W. Cheney SIAM-51
Arizona State University Special Functions, Physics, and Computer Science G. Andrews AMS-66 (1986)
University of California Jordan Algebras and Their Applications to Analysis, Operator Theory, and Quantum Mechans H. Upmeier AMS-67 (1987)
Mankato State University Group Rings, Crossed Products, and Galois Theory D. Passman AMS-64 (1986)
Michigan State University New Construction of Holomorphic Functions in the Unit Ball of Cn   W. Rudin AMS-63 (1986)
University of Nebraska Optimization in Operator Theory, Analytic Functions, and Electrical Engineering J. W. Helton AMS-68 (1987)
Oklahoma State University Stochastics of Species Abundance and Community Composition G.P. Patil  
Pennsylvania State University Construction and Salient Properties of Nonparametric Priors J. Sethuraman  
West Chester University Combinatorial Theory and Invariant Theory G.C. Rota AMS-69 (1987)


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Arizona State University Dilation Theory and the Structure of the Predual of a Dual Operator Algebra C.M. Pearcy AMS-56 (1985)
University of Georgia Analysis on Non-Riemannian Symmetric Spaces M. Flensted- Jensen AMS-61 (1986)
Emory University External Graph Theory B. Bollobas AMS-62 (1986)
University of Missouri Factorization of Linear Operators and Geometry of Banach Spaces G. Pisier AMS-60 (1986)
University of Notre Dame Geometric Algebras and Ends of Maps F.S.Quinn  
Purdue University Exchangeability and Partial Exchangeability P. Diaconis  
University of Oregon An Algorithmic Theory of Geometry, Number Theory, and Combinatorics L. Lovasz SIAM-50
Case Western Reserve University Theory and Applications of J Inner Matrices H. Dym AMS-71 (1989)
Oklahoma State University Minimal Surfaces and Their Applications to Low Dimensional Topology W. H. Meeks  
University of Florida Multivariate Estimation: A Synthesis of Bayesian and Frequentist Approaches J.O. Berger   
University of California Mathematical Ecology S.A. Levin   


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Texas Tech University Quasitriangularity and Analyticity in Operator Algebras W. Arveson AMS-55 (1987)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Complexity Theory and its Applications D.J. Kleitman  
University of California Yang Mills Theory and the Topology of 4-Manifolds H.B. Lawson AMS-58 (1985)
University of Chicago Representation Theory and Harmonic Analysis on Reductive Groups over p-adic Fields R. Howe AMS-59 (1985)
George Mason University Intersection Theory in Algebraic Geometry W. Fulton AMS-54 (1984)
University of Iowa Theory and Applications of Sequential Nonparametrics P. Sen SIAM-49 (1985)
Louisiana State University Stochastic Differential Equations in Infinite Dimensional Spaces and Their Applications K. Ito SIAM-47 (1984)
University of Miami Minimax Methods in Critical Point Theory and Applications to Differential Equations P. Rabinowitz AMS-65 (1986)
University of Minnesota Combinatorics of Iterated Mappings W. Thurston  
New York Polytechnic Institute Curvature and Partial Differential Equations J. Kazdan AMS-57 (1985)


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Southern Illinois University Large Deviations S. Varadhan SIAM-46 (1984)
Utah State University Competition Models in Ecology P. Waltman SIAM-45 (1983)
Colorado State University Mathematical Theory of Laminar Combustion J. D. Buckmaster and G. Ludford SIAM-43 (1983)
East Carolina University Nonlinear Waves and Integrable Systems A. Newell SIAM-48 (1985)
University of Oregon Second Order Asymptotics in Statistics W. van Zwet  
University of Florida Closed Geodesics on Riemann Manifolds W. Klingenberg AMS-53 (1983)


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of North Carolina Representations of Semi-simple Lie Groups and Applications N. Wallach  
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Graph Algorithms R. Tarjan SIAM-44 (1983)
Texas A&M University Quantile Processes and Their Applications M. Csorgo SIAM-42 (1983)
Cleveland State University Martingale Theory in Harmonic Analysis and Banach Spaces D. Burkholder  
Carleton College Orderings and Quadratic Forms over Finite Fields T.Y.Lam AMS-52 (1983)
University of California at San Diego Hyperbolic Geometry, Three Dimensional Topology, and Kleinian Groups D. Sullivan  
Northern Illinois University Navier-Stokes Equations and Nonlinear Functional Analysis R. Temam SIAM-41 (1983) SIAM-66(1995)
University of Florida Bifurcation and Symmetry Breaking D. Sattinger SIAM-40 (1983)
University of Iowa Automorphism Groups of von Neumann Algebras and the Structure of Factors M. Takesaki AMS-51 (1983)


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Bowling Green University Jackknife and Bootstrap Methods in Statistics B. Effron SIAM-38 (1982)
University of Texas Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Applications to Differential Equations J. Hale AMS-47 (1981)
SUNY at Albany Brown-Peterson Homology S. Wilson AMS-48 (1982)
Oklahoma State University Asymptotic and Sequential Estimation and Testing M. Woodroofe SIAM-39 (1982)
Washington University Affine and Projective Structures on Complex Manifolds S. Kobayashi  
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Mathematical Modeling of the Hearing Process C. Steele  
Emory University Homology and Dynamical Systems J. Franks AMS-49 (1982)
Tulane University Harmonic Maps J. Eells AMS-50 (1983)
Pomona College Global Topological Methods in Applied Mathematics J. Yorke  


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Georgia Algebraic and Analytic Geometry P. Griffiths AMS-44 (1980)
Iowa State University Mathematical Population Genetics J.F. Kingman SIAM-34 (1980)
SUNY at Albany Ergodic Theory B. Weiss  
University of Tennessee Finite Elasticity M. Gurtin SIAM-35 (1981)
St. Olaf College Ramsey Theory R.L. Graham AMS-45 (1981) AMS-123 (2015)
University of Missouri Recent Advances in Reliability F. Proschan  
Oakland University Recent Progress in Operator Algebras E. Effros AMS-46 (1981)
University of Montana Approximation of Population Processes T.G. Kurtz SIAM-36 (1981)
George Mason University Analytic Methods in Commutative Algebra M. Hochster  
Tufts University Recent Developments in Celestial Mechanics R. McGehee   


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute The Logic of Computer Programming Z. Manna SIAM-31 (1980)
Shippensburg State College Operations Research W.F. Lucas  
Southern Illinois University Modeling and Differential Equations in Biology H.T. Banks  
University of Rhode Island Approximation Theory D.J. Newman AMS-41 (1979)
SUNY at Buffalo Integer Programming E. Johnson SIAM-32 (1980)
Ball State University Mathematics in Thermodynamics J.B. Serrin  
University of Utah Spectral and Scattering Theory S. Agmon  
Colorado State University Nonlinear Functional Analysis H. Brezis  
University of Pittsburgh Computational Complexity S. Winograd SIAM-33 (1980)
Oklahoma State University The Topology of Manifolds R.D. Edwards  
East Carolina University Special Functions and Representations of Lie Groups J. Dieudonne AMS-42 (1980)
University of Lowell Hamiltonian Systems J.E. Marsden SIAM-37 (1981)
University of California at Davis Geometric Methods in Nonlinear Systems R.W. Brockett  


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Cleveland State University Classical Analysis and Solvmanifolds L. Auslander AMS-34 (1977)
University of Georgia Diffusion Processes and Biology S. Karlin  
Claremont University Center Topological Methods in Boundary Value Problems J. Mawhin AMS-40 (1979)
Southeastern Massachusetts University Modern Techniques in Data Analysis J. Tukey  
Colby College Graph Theory and Problems of Society F.S. Roberts SIAM-29 (1978)
North Dakota State University On Axiom A Diffeomorphisms R. Bowen AMS-35 (1978)
Northern Illinois University Polynomial Rings and Affine Spaces M. Nagata AMS-37 (1978)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Stability J.T. Stewart  
University of Wisconsin at Madison Representations of Finite Chevalley Groups G. Lusztig AMS-39 (1978)
Virgina Polytechnic Institute Three-Manifold Topology W. Jaco AMS-43 (1980)
University of Washington Geofluiddynamical Wave Mathematics M.J. Lighthill  
Jackson State University Approximate and Exact Computation R.T. Gregory  


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Nebraska Transference Methods in Analysis G. Weiss AMS-31 (1977)
University of Colorado Invariant Sets and the Morse Index C. Conley AMS-38 (1978)
University of Houston Nonlinear Diffusion D.G. Aronson  
St. Olaf College Optimal Facility Locations A.J. Goldman  
University of Pittsburgh Complex Manifolds in Relativity R. Penrose  
Kent State University Banach Spaces and Operators A. Pelczynski AMS-30 (1977)
University of Iowa Robust Statistical Procedures P.J. Huber SIAM-27 (1977) SIAM-68(1996)
Illinois State University Small Fractional Parts of Polynomials W.M. Schmidt AMS-32 (1977)
Old Dominion University Numerical Analysis of Spectral Methods S.A. Orszag SIAM-26 (1977)
University of Minnesota Factorizations in Finite Groups G. Glauberman AMS-33 (1977)
Texas A&M University Computational Complexity J. Hartmanis SIAM-30 (1978) 


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of Alabama Convexity and Mathematical Programming V.L. Klee  
University of Nevada Geometrical Probability H. Solomon SIAM-28 (1978)
Washington State University Applications of Finite Mathematics S.W. Golomb  
Northern Arizona University Singular Perturbations W.A. Harris  
Stevens Institute of Technology Algebraic Analysis of Flowchart Algorithms C.C. Elgot   
Texas Tech University Numerical Solution of Boundary Problems H.B. Keller SIAM-24 (1976)
Medical University of South Carolina Sampling and its Applications H.O. Hartley  
Bucknell University Recent Work in Operator Theory C.M. Pearcy AMS-36 (1978)
Carleton College Class Groups and Picard Groups I. Reiner AMS-26 (1976)
Mississippi State University Stability of Dynamical Systems J.P. LaSalle SIAM-25 (1976)
Guilford College Hilbert Cube Manifolds T.A. Chapman AMS-28 (1976)
University of North Carolina Symplectic Manifolds A. Weinstein AMS-29 (1977)


Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
University of New Mexico Partial Differential Equations L.E. Payne SIAM-22 (1975)
University of Connecticut Integration in Function Spaces M. Kac    
Virginia Polytechnic Institute Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Funcitions R. Askey SIAM-21 (1975)
University of Nebraska Modules over Commutative Rings M. Hochster AMS-24 (1975)
Ohio State University Nonparametric Decision Theory T.S. Ferguson    
College of William and Mary Performance of Computing Systems S. Rosen SIAM-23 (1976)
University of Wisconsin at Parkside Relation Modules of Finite Groups K.W. Gruenberg AMS-25 (1976)
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Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
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Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
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Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
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Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
Texas Christian University Ten Problems in Hilbert Space

P. R. Halmos

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Host Institution Title Lecturer Monograph
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