Application Materials

Application Materials are due by November 1, 2018. Notices of acceptance will be sent in early December. A PDF file explaining the application requirements can be obtained HERE.

The spring 2019 Forum will be built around 20 to 25 state-based teams of six to eight leaders who are committed to the formation of a local task force that will pursue dialogue leading to the creation of structures and policies that address the three issues. Each team should include representations of the state’s department of education, higher education system, and two-year college system, while also drawing on state leaders who have been engaged in efforts to improve mathematics education at either the high school or college level.

The state-based teams will leave the Forum with an agenda for following up on the ideas that they have encountered and with the connections necessary to help them as they flesh out the construction of a task force to address issues at the transition from high school to college mathematics. There will be continuing support from the Dana Center and the opportunity to engage more directly with their expertise in policy formation.

We expect that the team will participate in a webinar prior to the Forum—either live or via recording—that will introduce the issues, and will then meet as a team to prepare for the Forum. There will be ongoing networking and opportunities for support during the 18 months following the Forum, with a second Forum tentatively scheduled for fall 2020 when the teams will come back together to share information on progress and challenges.

Teams will be provided hotel accommodations for up to 6 members through sponsorship from the Teagle Foundation and expected support from the National Science Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of New York. Up to two additional team members per state may also attend at their own expense. Airfare and other travel expenses will be the responsibility of the participants.

You may also apply to attend the Forum as an individual. This is intended for state leaders who are simply curious about what has been happening in mathematics education focused on grades 11 to 14. The Forum will expose them to a wealth of information and offer suggestions of how they could begin to address the issues of the mathematical bridge. Individuals will have access to all of the Plenary and Breakout sessions of the Forum. Hotel accommodation is available but will be the responsibility of the individual.  

Questions about the applications can be directed to Kelly Chapman (