Program Information

Watch this space for additional information on Plenary Sessions and Speakers.

Breakout Sessions

In addition to its plenary sessions, the Forum will be offering breakout sessions designed to meet the needs of state leaders at four different stages of development of bridging activities:

  1. Investigating. At the most basic level are those state-based leaders who are simply curious about what has been happening in mathematics education focused on grades 11 to 14. The Forum will expose them to a wealth of information and offer suggestions of how they could begin to address the issues of the mathematical bridge.
  2. Initializing. These are state-based teams that are aware of significant problems at the transition from high school to college mathematics, are ready to start looking at programs and efforts that could improve the situation, and want to learn more about the options that are available and the efforts being undertaken in other states.
  3. Emerging. These are the states that have begun work on one side of the problem but have not started to coordinate efforts across the gap. The Forum will provide networking opportunities with states that are well down the road of coordinating these efforts.
  4. Implementing. These are the states that are committed to efforts that regularly bring together leaders from K-12 and higher education and are in the process of developing coordinated programs. We will provide opportunities for them to learn of other efforts and to work with policy experts to deal with obstacles and difficulties that have been encountered.