Resources and Information from the CBMS Societies and other Organizations in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Recommendations for conducting distance learning

  1. MAA Recommendations for COVID-19 Response

  2. AMTE’s Instructional Resources for Teaching Online due to COVID-19 Virus

  3. NCTM/NCSM Joint Statement on Mathematics Learning in the Era of COVID-19

  4. Charles A. Dana Center: Shifting to Virtual Teaching in Higher Ed Mathematics

  5. Taking School Online With a Student-Centered Approach
  6. Humanizing Online Teaching
  7. How Do You Close the School Year During Distance Learning?

Resources for teaching mathematics and statistics with distance learning

  1. NCTM’s 100 days of professional learning

  2. NCTM: Free Resources for Teaching Math Online

  3. MoMATH: List of online events

  4. AIM: Math Communities

  5. Estimation 180: Distance Learning Format

  6. DESMOS COVID-19 Resource page

The Mathematics of the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. ASA’s COVID-19: A Teachable Moment

  2. INFORMS: COVID-19 Healthcare Resource

  3. NCTM: COVID-19, Coronavirus, and Pandemics – Math Resources: Teaching and Using Mathematics to Understand our World

  4. Society of Actuaries Research Brief: Impact of COVID-19

  5. IAS’s COVID-19: What We Know and What’s Next, with Arnold J. Levine

  6. IMA: Results of Search on COVID

  7. MBI’s Grzegorz Rempala – Mathematics of Modeling a Pandemic: The Journey Continues

  8. MSRI’s COVID-19: The Exponential Power of Now

  9. COVID-19 Resources from the International Statistical Institute

  10. why-its-so-freaking-hard-to-make-a-good-covid-19-model

  11. why-forecasting-covid-19-is-harder-than-forecasting elections

  12. 10-tips-for-making-sense-of-covid-19-models-for-decision-making

  13. How to interpret various graphs of COVID-19

  14. Why we randomize trials of medicines to treat COVID-19

Resources for rethinking assessment

  1. Achieve’s Framework to Evaluate Cognitive Complexity in Mathematics Assessments

  2. Francis Su’s post on exam questions during COVID-19

Equity issues

  1. Great Lakes Equity Center: COVID-19 Resource and Support page 

  2. Equity in Pandemic Schooling: An Action Guide for Families, Educators & Communities 
  3. MAA Conversations for the Math Community
  4. The Mo(ve)ment to Prioritize Antiracist Mathematics: Planning for This and Every School Year (2020)

Updates from CBMS societies and other organizations

  1. MAA COVID-19 update

  2. MAA: Supporting Our Community During COVID-19

  3. AMS COVID-19 resource page

  4. Letter from the AMATYC President and the AMATYC Executive Director concerning COVID-19

  5. COVID-19 and the AWM Community

  6. INFORMS’s Information on COVID-19 and Pandemics

  7. Additional INFORMS Links

  8. IMS’s XL-Files: COVID Coping and The Law of Most People

  9. NCTM Back to School Resources
  10. NCTM Events and COVID-19

  11. SIAM’s Response to the International Outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

  12. Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM)

Other Resources

  1. IPAM: Running Virtual Seminars – A Mathematician’s Guide

  2. Humanizing Online Meetings
  3. AP Calculus updates