TODOS: Mathematics for All

TODOS: Mathematics for All
PO Box 25482

Tempe AZ 85285-5482

The mission of TODOS: Mathematics for ALL is to advocate for equity and high quality mathematics education for all students—in particular Latina/o students. The goals of the organization are

  • To improve educators’ knowledge and ability to implement an equitable, rigorous, and coherent mathematics program that incorporates the role that language and culture play in learning mathematics..
  • To develop and support leaders who continue to carry out the mission of TODOS.
  • To promote the generation and dissemination of knowledge about equitable and high quality mathematics education.
  • To inform the public and influence educational policies in ways that enable students to become mathematically proficient.
  • To inform families about educational policies and learning strategies that will enable their children to become mathematically proficient.

Executive Secretary
Nora Ramirez

Diana Ceja
Term: Apr 2018-Apr 2020

Diane Kinch

RocĂ­o Benedicto

Linda M. Fulmore

Noticias de TODOS
Susana Davidenko

Susie Hakansson